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Victor Grinenco (Buenos Aires, 1984) earned a degree as a composer studying at UCA (Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina), Buenos Aires, and he is now studying a M.A. in Composition in Mills College, Oakland, CA, USA.

He has complemented his academical studies by investigating in real-time composition and free improvisation, electronics and violin.

As a composer he wrote numerous pieces for various instrumental ensembles, of which can be distinguished: Sul Tango (Guitar and electronics) Portraits of Light, 5 Miniatures on the name of Christ (for ad libitum ensemble), and Subito e Feroce (for Violoncello) which received an honorary price at the 2009 Eduardo Alemann National composition contest. Other pieces such as: Hialitus, Cinque Secuenze allo spirito Santo (for Bb Clarinet), and Isocronia (for electronics). Also, he composes orchestral music, such as: Entame, (Concerto grosso for two Violins, Piano, Laptop and large orchestra), and Preludes (for small orchestra); and vocal music, as for example Jesus Prayer, for mixed choir and piano, among others.

Regarding the area of Improvisation, Victor Grinenco took part in the "Orquesta de Improvisadores de Buenos Aires" (Buenos Aires Improvisers Orchestra), Elgier-Grinenco-Sahlieh trio, with whom they had their album "Veiled" release on the portuguese label Creative Sources Records. He also played in Sahlieh-Grinenco Duo which whom he has performed in many important venues in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago de Chile. He performed with many New York based musicians, and released two albums with Michael Hafftka (New York artist, musician and performer). He usually studies and develops new routes for executing the violin and hard Hanger fiddle, applying mixed technics and designing and embodying non-conventional instruments.

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